We are proud to offer you some of the highest quality residential & commercial roofing that the state has to offer! Our professional and friendly roofing contractors specialize in any and roof services! Whether you are in the market for an entire new roof or just need a spot patched up, we have the experience and knowledge it takes to be one of the fastest growing companies around!


Commercial Roofing

A roof is just a roof … right?

As with all the elements of a modern commercial building, the roof is built to accepted industry standards, and little further thought is given to it. For many in the commercial building industry, ''a roof is just a roof.''

We believe each roof must be carefully matched to all the other elements of the building: its design, its intended use, its environment, and of course, its cost.

Specialty Roofing

A majestic library built at the turn of the nineteenth century … a private school with many dignified buildings on its stately campus … a grand new home constructed with splendid elements and features … these are the kinds of buildings that often receive ''specialty roofs.'' 

We understand that many architects, builders and owners wish to install a roof that will ''stand the test of time,'' or help impart unique visual characteristics to a home or building, however, the roof must also work structurally with the other systems used in the building. The hundreds of components that go into any roofing system should be appropriately installed in a craftsman-like manner. No detail is too small to be left to chance or neglect.

Residential Roofing

Goldstone company was started as a residential roofing contractor and has remains heavily rooted in the home re-roofing market.  Whether you are just looking to get rid of your aging, leaking home roof or completely change the look of your home we have the products and experience to help.