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Specialty Roofing

A majestic library built at the turn of the nineteenth century … a private school with many dignified buildings on its stately campus … a grand new home constructed with splendid elements and features … these are the kinds of buildings that often receive ''specialty roofs.'' 

We understand that many architects, builders and owners wish to install a roof that will ''stand the test of time,'' or help impart unique visual characteristics to a home or building, however, the roof must also work structurally with the other systems used in the building. The hundreds of components that go into any roofing system should be appropriately installed in a craftsman-like manner. No detail is too small to be left to chance or neglect.

Speaking of small, we welcome the opportunity to perform small jobs as well as large jobs. Slate, valley or tile repairs, the installation of copper gutters, finials and other accessories … we don’t shy away from a project because of its size.

Also, if the majority of an original roof is still in goodshape, we will only repair those portions that truly NEED repairing.

Specialty roofs are different from other types of roofs and must be installed in a very specific way, by professionals who are specially trained, and who are continuously upgrading their skills. Before they begin to work, our professionals are carefully selected. We only employ professionals who value working in a safe, stable, drug free environment.